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Intelligent Transport Systems

The broad definition of ITS includes numerous applications, inter alia, Advanced Traffic Signal Systems, Freeway Management Systems, Incident Management Systems, Traveller Information Systems and Bus Rapid Transit systems.

ITS has been involved in the planning, design, implementation and operation of numerous Intelligent Transport Systems since 2002. We have extensive experience in various Intelligent Transport projects with a deep understanding of the technologies, underpinned by our knowledge of local conditions and desired operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Our key focus areas are:

  • Surveillance and CCTV systems
  • Traffic Detection
  • Ramp Metering
  • Communication Networks
  • Traffic Signals – Area traffic Control (including Urban Traffic Control)
  • Power and Communication Solutions for remote Traffic Monitoring Sites
  • Traffic Management Centres
  • Operations & Maintenance
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Road Planning
and Implementation

Transport is the key focus area of Innovative Transport Solutions, with the objective to manage the complete project cycle, from initial concepts, followed by engineering designs and then the implementation.

We incorporate different viewpoints to determine future demand
through appropriate analysis.

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Road Safety

ITS realises the need to integrate road safety into the planning and development of new roads as well as the upgrading of existing roads, because dangerous roads have an impact on the development objective of a suburb, township or City they’re planned for. The effect that roads have on communities, especially in the rural areas and poorer communities is recognised. ITS does not only focus on road safety in infrastructure design, but also on the safety of the communities who live around it or make use of it.

Road Safety is not only viewed as a technical topic, but one that lies close at heart. One of ITS’s largest goals is to be able to contribute to safer roads in South Africa by promoting road safety.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Road traffic safety assessment
  • Traffic safety education and awareness
  • Pedestrian safety management
  • Traffic safety training and development
  • Traffic safety management
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Engineering and Planning

Traffic engineering and transportation planning is one of ITS’s core fields of expertise and includes the preparation of Traffic Impact Studies, EIA Transportation Assessments, Traffic Modelling, Integrated Transport Plans, Traffic Calming Investigations, Parking & Circulation studies, Toll-road planning and feasibilities, Travel Demand Management studies and the Evaluation of Outdoor Advertising aspects. Whilst serving many private clients in land development, we combine our experience in road and transportation planning with our understanding of the authority’s requirements to unlock the value of land through integrated transportation planning and ensuring efficient accessibility.

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Geographic Information
Systems (GIS)

At ITS, the use of spatial analyses has become an integrated aspect of our projects. As a transportation engineering company, the appropriate use of GIS as an informative tool is a key element. In the past ten years, GIS has been firmly established at ITS and is used on a daily basis to assist in all aspects of transport engineering decision making. We apply our spatial analyses expertise in core areas such as road safety, incident analyses, crash density analyses, transport planning and transport development indices.

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Public Transport & Universal Accessibility

ITS team has good experience in all aspects of BRT and

public transport planning including:

  • Route planning including trunk, feeder and more direct or express routing
  • Locating stations, stops and depots as well as transfer locations
  • Travel demand surveys and forecasting demand through modelling
  • Fleet sizing and vehicle specifications
  • Intelligent Transport Systems including Automated Public Transport Management Systems
  • Preparing operating cost models, cost estimates and fares
  • Non-motorised Transport and Universal Accessibility
  • Control Centre Design
  • Traffic Modelling and Impact Assessment

Non-motorised transport

Ultimately, NMT grows liveable communities – it is the most basic part of the transportation system and pedestrians in particular contribute to the vibrancy of a community.

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The primary purpose of road lighting is to improve road safety during hours of darkness for all relevant modes of transport including vehicles and Non-Motorised Transport (NMT). Other benefits include crime deterrence and improved night-time CCTV viewing & recording. ITS have extensive experience in road lighting design for all groups of roads, A to C including NMT facilities.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Design of lighting levels
  • Electrical installation
  • Lighting Management Systems
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ITS – Tracker Data Services.

ITS and Tracker have a working relationship dating back to 2007. With Tracker’s footprint of over 1 million clients in South Africa, ITS enjoys the exclusive use of their data. We conduct spatial and engineering analysis, also incorporating other data. The objective of the partnership being the use of probe data for transport applications including position data, determining origin and destination patterns of vehicles, vehicle type data, and other applications.

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ITS – Traffic Count Information.

Over the past 23 years ITS has completed thousands of vehicle and pedestrian traffic counts across South Africa. Traffic counts provide important source data that can be used to determine the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), peak hour traffic volumes, traffic signal timing and intersection congestion rates. A dedicated website was developed to share the data based on Geographical location.

Traffic Count Portal