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Skills Development & Training

ITS offers bursaries to employees who want to further their studies. We encourage furthering one’s studies and registering as professionals with relevant professional registration bodies.
We are also open to the attendance of industry-related workshops, external courses and in-house training.

As part of the continuous development of our professionals, all our staff are required and supported to attend at least one course a year.

Our in-house training sessions, Ukuvivinya, held monthly with our employees, are where we strive to learn from each other and gain knowledge on various technical, managerial topics.

ITS is registered as a mentor with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) in the disciplines of electrical, electronics and civil engineering.

Enterprise and
Supplier Development

We have formally taken on two exempt micro-enterprise (EME) companies, which are both 100% black-owned for our enterprise development (ED) programme. We work closely with them to assist and develop their companies, and also procure services from them.

Socio-Economic Development
(SED – formerly CSI)

Our biggest contributions on SED initiatives has been on education and development in disadvantaged communities (including rural areas and those with limited services) in various projects we work on.