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Our Story

ITS was founded in 1997, we provide specialised services in transportation engineering, road design and construction management. We have been serving public and private clients from our offices in Tshwane and Cape Town, and conducted transportation projects in all the major cities in South Africa. We have also serviced other African countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of transportation engineering, road planning and design, intelligent transportation systems, traffic impact assessments, traffic signal design, road safety, as well as public transport planning.

ITS has a team of 70 people led by our Board of Directors. The Directors are; Jan Coetzee Pr Eng. (Managing Director)

Pieter Pretorius Pr Eng. PhD, Lynne Pretorius Pr Eng, Christoff Krogscheepers Pr Eng. PhD and Amogelang Kgoathe Pr CPM.

We pride ourselves in the partnerships we have forged with IVAS Consulting Engineers in Germany, Kittleson & Associates in the USA. Our team is augmented with international expertise in transportation, ensuring that we stay well-informed with international developments and best practices in this specialised field.

From Ideas to
Concepts to Reality

Innovation, new ideas, new technology and the integration thereof in the transport environment is our speciality. Innovative ideas can be in the smallest change to a traffic signal, a new management concept for Bus Rapid Transit systems or a roundabout design.

Simplicity of design is often where the real innovation lies.

Taking ideas from our clients, integrating stakeholder inputs, using standards and other considerations in developing innovative, working solutions is our passion.

Changing Transport
Data into Information

Planning transport systems and infrastructure requires extensive data. This can be in the form of household surveys, classified traffic counts, low level aerial surveys or topographical surveys.We have expertise to manage large transport surveys, for example the Ekurhuleni household surveys (10 500 households), or Polokwane and Tshwane where 2 500 households were surveyed, using in-house software for data capturing. We have conducted large road side asset surveys including 4500 km of roads in Gauteng and 28 000 km of roads in Nigeria, to determine the location and type of roads signs and outdoor advertisements.

Using GIS to represent spatial data provides a platform for understanding transport patterns, problems and assist in decision making.

Designing Transport Systems
that are Intelligent and Sustainable

ITS has been involved since 2000 in the design and implementation of the SANRAL Freeway Management System.

We deployed Operations Centres and Intelligent Transport Systems during the 2010 Soccer world cup in Johannesburg and Mangaung, and designed Public Transport Management Systems in 5 of the Cities who are and have been implementing BRT.  We are also privileged to be involved in the first ITS type project in Namibia, with the implementation of an Automated Mass Distance Charge System.

Through our skills in transportation engineering, high level system design, electronic engineering and contract management, we offer an experienced team for all ITS type projects. Our expertise include development of long term ITS Strategies up to implementation monitoring, where recent projects included strategies for cities such as Cape Town, Ethekwini, Tshwane and Maputo.

The Tshwane Urban Traffic Control system comprises of 200 upgraded traffic signal installations, 20 Variable Message Signs and the first Parking Guidance system for a City in South Africa.

Efficient Management
of Transport Systems

At the core of all Intelligent Transport Systems, is a Transport Management Centre from where operations are managed.

One of the first Management Centres in SA was the SANRAL centre in Midrand, where ITS was involved in operating the Freeway Management System. Subsequent projects include the planning, design and implementation of Management Centres in Cape Town, Msunduzi, Tshwane and Polokwane.

Staff involvement over the last 10 years also include training and development of personnel, developing operating and incident management procedures and the analysis of data.

Simulating the Future

The solution to any transportation problem need to be analysed, modelled and assessed to determine if it will meet the future capacity requirements.

ITS provides transportation modelling services using aaSidra, VISTRO, Paramics, Aimsun, Tracks, Traffix, Saturn, HTM, HCM 2010 and HDM4.

Recent projects include modelling the four level grade separated Solomon Mahlangu / M7 interchange in eThekwini with a construction contract value of over R1 billion, as well as the planned one-way couplet interchange across the R21 in Irene.

Creating Safer Roads

South Africa has one of the highest road fatality rates in the world, with around 25 fatalities per 100 000 of the population per year.

To solve this complex problem, requires a holistic approach starting from early childhood awareness, driver training, law enforcement, well designed roads and co-operation between all role players. ITS has an extensive involvement in creating safer roads, including Transport Safety Plans for eThekwini, Tshwane and SANRAL. We contributed to the Road Safety Manual for PIARC and developed the Road Safety Management System for SANRAL.

We have conducted numerous road safety audits on various types of roads in SA and Namibia. ITS served on the Road Safety Advisory Council for the Minister of Transport where we aimed to make a contribution in creating safer roads.

Transport Solutions

Transport is at the heart of what we do. We plan and design multi modal transportation system, roads, sidewalks and cycle paths.

Our range of services include 30 year strategic plans for the transport in Cities, Advanced Management Systems for Bus Rapid Transit, Traffic Impact Studies for new property developments, positioning of a speed hump in front of a crèche, design and implementation of Freeway Management Systems for SANRAL,  the design of a taxi rank in Thembisa and operating Park-and-Ride Systems for the Soccer World Cup in 2010. We have designed and implemented the Urban Traffic Control System for the City of Tshwane and done road safety audits between Ondangwa and Oshakati.If it involves transport, it is our business, expertise and passion.

Building what we Plan

Be it a new road upgrade, traffic signal system, software or Intelligent Transport System, we have the expertise to take any transport project from conception to implementation.

Our expertise covers design specifications, contract documentation and contract management with a strong focus on quality control.  ITS is ISO 9001 certified.

Thinking Global, Acting Local

The development of communication technology, the internet and social media changed the world to a global village. To maintain a sustainable world, we all need to act locally in protecting the environment, minimizing harmful emissions and saving energy.

In the transport environment, technology makes real time traffic information available on any smart phone. Booking a flight or buying a bus ticket can be completed in minutes.

In a global context, there are numerous technological developments that have not been implemented in Africa and South Africa.

To effectively implement technology from developed countries, require local knowledge and expertise, which we at ITS provide in the transport environment.

In striving to be on par with international standards, we have partnerships with IVAS in Germany and DTV in the Netherlands whom we are constantly working with to expand our global involvement.

Planning and Designing Cities with User Orientated Transport

The provision of public transport that is user orientated, is one of the key elements for a sustainable transport system in South Africa.

Our involvement in public transport in the South African environment is extensive, covering all aspects of planning, design, monitoring and evaluation.  We have designed several public transport facilities, including taxi ranks and multi modal transfer facilities. ITS also has experience in Universal Access Design and planning for Non Motorized Transport.

Our Clients
and Partners

ITS serves clients in the public and private sector. Our clients include the Metropolitan and other municipalities, SANRAL, Department of Transport, Provincial Governments, many municipalities, state owned entities and private developers.